What if Some Art Never Existed?

The movie “Yesterday” tells the story of a struggling singer/songwriter who, after a freak worldwide blackout/time shift, seems to be the only person who remembers the songs of the Beatles. In this new reality the band and their music never existed. He transcribes and records the Beatle’s songs from memory and becomes one of the worlds biggest rock stars. Along … Read More

Called to Create?

I had the somewhat unique benefit of being affirmed in my creativity from an early age. Teachers and parents encouraged my apparent artistic ability. Such affirmation may be more common these days, but I know many Boomers and Gen X ers who didn’t get that, and decided somewhere in grade school that they weren’t creative because they weren’t artistic. But … Read More

The Relentless Fight Against Distraction

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I’m constantly battling distraction. Back when I was writing Finding Divine Inspiration, before movie clips and GIFs where available on-line, I felt like God gave me a picture and phrase that became the motto of my writing process. It was from the scene in Star Wars where the rebel fighters are making runs to blow up the death star.  The … Read More

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