Creative Church Consulting

I bring more than two decades of experience as an arts ministry practitioner, arts advocate, creative conference producer, and creative non-profit director to my work with churches. I have a MATM (Master’s of Arts in Theology and Ministry) from Fuller Theological Seminary with Worship, Theology, and the Arts specialization, authored Creative Church Handbook from IVP, and have written dozens of articles on church creativity.

Let me help your church or organization create a practical plan for the use of creativity and the arts that benefits your congregation and community. Lets set up a consult!

Some topic specialties include:

  • Specific arts and creativity programs for local churches
  • Developing a plan for visual creativity in the church
  • Creating artful church services
  • Church art gallery creation
  • Starting and running an Arts Ministry
  • Creative Spiritual Formation approaches
  • Integrating art and creativity into church ministries
  • How churches can respond to crisis and disaster with the healing power of the arts
  • Creating and maintaining arts community
  • How to release creativity in your congregation.
  • How develop creative habits in your staff.
  • and more

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In addition to authoring books and articles, I enjoy helping others with writing projects. I’m is available as a writing consultant, content editor, ghostwriter, story consultant, and writing/publishing coach. Contact me about your writing project at Scott (at)

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There can be many levels of editing or writing. Here are some I offer:

Developmental Editing

A “Big Picture” edit.

Line Editing

Go through the manuscript line by line.

Copy Editing

Focuses on fact checking and identifying inconsistencies.


The final step in the editorial process, to catch any inconsistencies or errors.


I write the book with your input, notes, and approval.

Book Doctoring

I take what you’ve written and make it better or “fix” it.

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My books include Finding Divine Inspiration, and Creative Church Handbook, and his articles appear on,,, and many other websites. I’m the editor of

Creativity Workshops, Seminars, and Retreats

These events are generally geared toward those who want a deeper creative connection with God, want explore their creativity, or learn to use art in ministry. Workshops may be 1 to 3 hours, Seminars 4 to 6 hours, and retreats 1 to 3 days.

I speak across denominations and leads workshops, seminars, and retreats on such topics as:

Contact me about a creative workshop, seminar, or retreat at Scott (at)

Voiceover Artist

I was a full time voiceover artist for many years, having spent nearly three decades in broadcasting and voice acting. I was honored to host the Animal Planet TV series, “Wildlife Journal” from 2004-2007, and am heard on national TV commercials, video games, websites and more.

After a jaw injury I mostly retired from daily voiceover work, but still take the occasional project upon request.  Contact me about a voiceover project at Scott (at)

My recordings of mediation scriptures with music (by Marvin Adams)  “Fear-Less“, “Peace-Full “, and  “Courageous” are available HERE.


I speak nationally on creativity, the arts, and faith at churches, conferences, and events.   Contact me about a speaking engagement at  Scott (at)

A few of my topics include:

Each message is tailored to needs of your church, group or organization.

Contact Scott(at) for more information.