Working with the Holy Spirit in Your Creativity


You have a place in history no one else can fill. God planned good works (and work) for you even before you were born. Your destiny is joyful collaboration with Him, and that collaboration ushers His kingdom into the world.

God wants to infuse a transforming wave of divinely inspired creativity into the culture and the church through His willing partners. Finding Divine Inspiration is full of practical steps and exciting biblical, historical, and current examples to help you collaborate with the Great Creator in your life and work.

Includes exclusive interviews with:
• Thomas Blackshear, Painter, “Forgiven”
• Dan Haseltine, Jars of Clay
• Peter Furler, Newsboys
• Buzz McLaughlin, Writer/Producer,
Theater and Film
• And others!

God wants to include you in an amazing creative collaboration to bring His messages to
the world in unique ways—unleashing your true creative potential!

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Now Available: The Finding Divine Inspiration STUDY GUIDE AND JOURNAL.

Suitable for group or individual study, this 150 page companion book will help you and your study group reach deeper levels of collaborating with God in your creativity.


Here’s a look at the Finding Divine Inspiration contents:


1. A New Renaissance

2. Divine Collaboration

3. The Work of the Artist

4. The Art of the Bible

5. Historical Examples of Divine Inspiration

6. Developing a Listening Lifestyle

7. Hindrances to Hearing

8. Personal Examples of True Collaboration

9. Current Artists on Divine Inspiration

10. A Future for the Arts

11. Q & A about Collaborating with God in Your Creative Process

12. Prayers for Creativity and Inspiration

13. Wisdom for Artists

14. Writer’s Journal

Conclusion: The First Step to Divine Inspiration



Here’s what people are saying:


“This book has set me ablaze!”

deAnn Roe

Director of Creative Arts, LWCC, York, PA


“FDI is amazing. I’m deepening in my art with God because of this book!”
Jessie Nilo

Director of VineArts, Boise Vineyard Community Church


“For any Christian in the arts or even remotely interested in the arts, this is a must-read book.The church desperately needs to recapture the creativity of true art as a reflection of God’s creativity, and this book will help it do that.”
Dr. Timothy Warner

Former Professor, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School Former President, Ft. Wayne Bible College


“I found this book not only enjoyable but a very real experience in worship. McElroy deftly balances a Biblical perspective of the Holy Spirit’s role as the third person
of the Trinity and the implications for the Christian creative. I will definitely be recommending it to my community of artists.”

Matt Guilford

Campus Crusade Arts Initiative

“Understanding the important truths about “Working with the Holy Spirit in Your Creativity” that J. Scott McElroy highlights in his book, Finding Divine Inspiration is crucial when entering a season of artistic creation.”

Nick Greenwood

RYFO (Musicans) Network,

“Don’t Hesitate in Getting This Book for Yourself! You’ll find it reveals practical answers to many of your questions about how to collaborate with God using your creative gifts.”

Tony Snipes

“I found it to be a true (dare I say it?) inspired work. McElroy has done the requisite homework, has reflected on the need for a Christian perspective in aesthetics, and desires to hone his craft with excellence and nuance. And, yes, he helps us remember to call forth the giftings of the Spirit, to rely on God, to find, as he puts it, “divine inspiration.” We recommend his book to you.”

Byron Borger

Hearts and Minds Books,


“Finding Divine Inspiration is a fresh exploration of the relationship between creativity and the Creator. I was inspired and deeply moved by the personal journey Scott takes us on; I couldn’t put the book down!  Both practical and insightful – this book is a must-read for any creative spirit in need of encouragement.”
Jeff Sparks
President,  Heartland Truly Moving Pictures and The Heartland Film Festival, Founder, The New Harmony Writers Project

“This book is a powerful message to everyone involved in the creative arts, of how God wants to use US to radically impact our generation. It has truly challenged me as a television professional to develop a more listening lifestyle to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.”

Eric Poland
Emmy Award-Winning Producer

“Scott’s down-to-earth, practical nature comes through in this witty and insightful book.  I love his emphasis on listening to and collaborating with the Holy Spirit.  With God’s direction and inspiration the arts can be one of the most powerful tools the church has for opening hearts to the Spirit’s voice.   Scott has done an excellent job of leading us into a deeper walk with the Lord that leads to a true collaboration with Him in the arts and the greater drama of life itself.”

Dr. Marcus Warner
President, Deeper Walk International, Author, Toward a Deeper Walk

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