Back from Canada, right?

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I just returned from a vacation to Canada last week so it’s been a while since the last post on this blog.


Our trip up north was very eventful! As some of you know, my wife’s sister is married to a professional baseball player, Scott Rolen, who was playing for the Toronto Blue Jays, so we were in town to visit the family. Of course, you can’t go to that area without seeing Niagara Falls, which is always awe inspiring. The “Maid of the Mist” has become our favorite ride anywhere…it is thrilling to get so close to such power, be drenched in its mist, bobbing in its boiling waves and realize that God made this for fun! And that day He threw in a perfect rainbow, visible completely from end to end.


He is the essence and source of creativity and imagination, power and beauty. And to think, He wants to collaborate with US! As we learn to hear His voice He will work with and through to show more of His personality to the world.

A Baseball Update

The brother-in-law was traded to the Cincinnati Reds while we were at Niagara on Friday, a trade he had requested to bring the family closer to home. When a player gets traded he goes to play the next possible game with his new team, the family packs up and everybody moves to the new city asap. Since we were in the middle of our visit with them, Scott chartered a jet for everyone to fly to Cincy. My mom, who was with us, was thrilled! She had never jet-setted like that before. Hailee and I decided to drive two of the cars down, which I rather enjoyed (a nice break from the house full of commotion).

His second game with the team Scott got hit on the helmet with a 92 mph fastball! Almost knocked him out. He came back and played a couple days later, hitting a 2 run homer for his first official hit as a Red, but the next day concussion symptoms intensified. He’s now on the DL for a couple of weeks. We’re praying for his quick healing, and ask that you would too.

Everyone is so excited to have them less than 2 hours away!

An update on Canada’s reaction to the New Renaissance is coming next!

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  1. techne
    | Reply

    that would be “back from canada, eh?”

    • jscottmcelroy
      | Reply

      Yes, but “eh” is so sterotypical. I’ve noticed that many Canadians also say “Right?”, right? Or maybe being a Canadian you don’t notice it, eh?

  2. Dean Smith
    | Reply

    Mr McElroy

    I couldn’t find a way of contacting you, so I am trying this method.

    I am interested in posting your article: The Arts and the Maturity of the Church on my website:

    I would of course give proper credit and would appreciate a byline if you give approval. You also Have a couple other postings I might be interested in as well.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    God Bless
    Dean Smith

    • jscottmcelroy
      | Reply


      That would be great! I’ll contact you via your email to talk more.



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