Campus Crusade interview

My friends at Keynote, the musical division of Campus Crusade for Christ, asked to do an on-line interview last week. Lauren Worth came over to the house and we had a great time talking about the book and the things that God is doing in the arts. They are posting the recording in four 10-minute segments over the next few weeks at :   Campus Crusade has been very supportive of the book and ministry and this interview is available to their whole multi-thousand person staff.

CCC has always been close to my heart, since my entire family got saved through staff members Dave and Diane Balch back in 1972.  Keynote was around even then and has been using music to express God personality for several decade. The first time I heard Larry Norman was on their Explo ’72 live recording….that record had the coolest Christian music I’d ever heard.

CCC is looking for new ways to integrate the arts into reaching the world for Christ and I hope to continue working with them to train and equip artists to hear God’s voice and collaborate with Him in the New Renaissance!

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