Why The Church Needs The Arts–Videos 1 &2 From Scott Erickson

I first saw the work of artist Scott Erickson several years ago through the By/For project. I was intrigued by his fresh and

imaginative spiritual symbolism. He merges whimsical illustrations with organic objects and intricate designs with bold visual statements.  His paintings didn’t look like most “Christian art”.  I really like them. And I also enjoy Scott’s straightforward, deep, edgy personal style. He’s one of those people who can inspire you to be real, take a risk, and go after what God is calling you to do.

We got to know each other a little during an extended interview for my upcoming book The Creative Church Handbook: Releasing the Arts in Your Congregation (IVP, May 2015), in which he is a featured artist. As an artist and long-time artist-in-residence at Ecclesia Church in Houston, he has a lot to add to the conversation about the arts and creativity in the church. Scott just released some short videos that I recommend to you. Here are parts 1 & 2 of a five-part series.


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  1. sue k
    | Reply

    Wow. Amazing videos! And wow, again! Thanks for sharing…and makes me want to be an artist-in-residence. To imagine creatively—with God.

  2. Robert White
    | Reply

    Powerful videos. I hope you’ll be able to post the last three videos in the series. Scott Ericksen has some great insights into the need for art in the church today.

    • J Scott McElroy
      | Reply

      He does! They are very well produced, too. I’ll pass the others along as soon as he finishes them. Thanks Robert!

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