There is a New Renaissance Rising.

It’s a movement that will bring refreshing vitality to the Church, and new hope to the world. It is a supernatural movement to reintegrate inspired art (music, painting, dance, drama, sculpture, design, and more) into the church and release an infusion of spiritually powerful art into the culture.

The signs of the New Renaissance are all around. From mainline Protestants, who according to CIVA opened a record number of galleries in their buildings last year (1) , and have embraced contemporary music, drama and digital media as a regular part of their services, to Charismatics, who recently circulated powerful prophetic words about God’s plans for the arts (2) , and have begun using the arts as prophetic vehicles during their services and outreaches, to the Catholic church who just announced that the Pope will hold an Arts Summit on November 21st, 2009, where 500 world renowned artists will meet in the Sistine Chapel with the objective of “rekindling the special historical relationship between faith and art.” (3)

The worldwide Church stands at a unique time in history, in a position that no other institution can fill. Her decision to embrace, encourage and disciple artists and the arts will benefit individuals, communities and the Body of Christ in profound ways, and enable her to truly fulfill her mission of offering God’s love to the world.

On Saturday November 21st—the same day as the Sistine Chapel Art Summit—local artists, congregations and organizations around the world will gather in churches and public venues to celebrate God’s movement to reestablish the arts as a conduit for His love and light. These celebrations may be as simple as a small half-hour prayer gathering or as large as…well, whatever God inspires!

Find out how you and your church can join in “The New Renaissance Rising: Arts Renewal Celebration” on November 21st and proclaim God’s renewal of the arts.

Go to And, welcome to the New Renaissance!

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